Dexcom CGM is defining A New Chapter In Diabetes Therapy Management

Step 1

The App will walk you through, step by step

Set up an account and get started with the G6  APP

The App will walk you through, step by step

Scan sensor code


Successful Connect


Scan Transmitter Code


Successful Connect

Step 2

Insert sensor and attach transmitter

Choose a site at least 3” away from your insulin pump infusion set or injection site

How to attach sensor and transmitter

Step 3

Pair transmitter and start sensor


Press Start Sensor

And wait for warm up

The warp-up takes 2 hours to complete


After 2 hours, you get your first readings and gets updated every 5 min

What does the trend arrows mean?

Trend Arrows show the direction and speed of glucose change. Catch highs and lows before they happen

Alerts and Alarms


When you go below your low glucose setting, the App alerts you


When you go above your high glucose setting, the App alerts you


Dexcom G6 is the first CGM with an Urgent Low Soon Alert, it alerts you when your glucose is falling fast and will be 55mg/dl within 20 minutes, this allows you to take the action and prevent the low


This alarm will alert if you go below 55mg/dl, you can’t turn this alert OFF

Use sensor for 10 days

Reuse transmitter for 3 months

How to replace the sensor

You can swim, bathe and shower like normal

To share data of your beloved relatives, download the G6 Follow App

Stay connected to those nearest and dearest to you, even when they are far away..


Dexcom helps patients do staff like everybody else..

  • Knowledge is power, “empowers patients to manage their own health
  • Improves every day quality of life
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Peace of mind